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Surviving the Audition:

A One-On-One Mock Audition Experience

Nervous during auditions? Can’t get your heart rate to slow down? No idea of what to expect?

-Learn what to be aware of during a theatre audition.

-Learn what directors are looking for in stage actors.

-Prepare a monologue, create a physical score, and practice sight reading.

-Experience a mock audition at the end of the lesson!

-Receive constructive feedback and consultation.

3-hour Solo Session.

Enquire now:

About Me: I am a theatre practitioner with 16 years and over 40 productions worth of performing experience. I have collaborated with an assortment of local theatre companies and have had the privilege to work with international theatre directors. I am an award nominated actor who loves being part of devising processes. I am also a theatre educator and is currently an adjunct lecturer at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.

Who Should Sign Up?

-New practitioners who want to improve audition skills.

-Actors who want to practice audition skills.

-Potential students auditioning for performing arts schools.